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So yes, I have not posted in this blog in three years. Heck, I even let the domain lapse for a while. But I am in the process of dusting off this rather neglected little personal blog and getting ready to post some new content.

Tuesday, March 03 2015

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I try to make it to the Texas State Fair once a year to have a Corny Dog and otherwise participate in the "ooh rah Texas" culture that is inherent and pretty damn entertaining.

It seems that this year we picked a somewhat fortuitous day to visit the fair, as the very next morning 'Big Tex,' whom you may know is the 50' somewhat animatronic cowboy stature that has literally said howdy to visitors at the fair for the past 60 years, burned to the ground.  I can't make any special claim at having some of the last photos of Tex as he is probably photographed tens of thousand of times a day, but many of the otherwise 'reluctant Texans' I know in Dallas are amusingly nostalgic about the 'death' of Tex.

I saw a picture of the work crew that was carting away the charred metal infrastructure (respectfully placed underneath a 'shroud') and the hulking, hard-hatted men disassembling him were nearly in tears. I also heard a news report that there was a large tour group of children in Big Tex circle as flames began to shoot out of his 75 gallon cowboy hat who all burst into tears en masse as everyone snapped photos.

Of course, within an hour the organizers of the fair announced that he will be re-built for next year "bigger and better" because this is Texas after all.

Saturday, October 20 2012

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I had been meaning to go to the Dallas Arboretum's Chihuly exhibit essentially since it poened, and finally managed to get there yesterday on a gorgeous, windy, perfectly overcast day. (After months of summer in Texas, gloomy 80 degree fall days are refreshing.)

IN any case, though every one of the TEN THOUSAND (I exaggerate, but not by much) people there yesterday, and probably every day, have cameras, I'm sharing MY take on the exhibition.

Sunday, October 14 2012

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